The Internet Society Community Networks Special Interest Group (CNSIG) serves as a vehicle through which Community Networks from around the world can develop, strengthen and promote the Community Network model, draft common strategies, share experiences and expertise, debate policy and regulatory issues and present their views through their direct involvement and participation.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the CNSIG governing body. It is comprised of members of Community Networks and organizations whose purpose is directly related to the development of Community Networks. Council members are directly involved in the implementation and operational affairs of community networks.

Working Groups

Policy and regulation

This WG will propose regulatory incidence strategies to the Executive Council and execute those actions that the Council decides on this matter. The WG’s Coordinator will represent the SIG in the regulatory and policy arena.


The technical WG will propose technical best practices, will share technical information, will investigate on technology adoption and development. It will propose and execute work in relation to standards adoption and development and any other action related to technical aspects of Community Networks.

Training, capacity building and knowledge sharing

This WG will coordinate with the other committees and with the SIG Executive Council and members to effectively design and execute training, capacity building and knowledge sharing strategies, taking advantage of the material and courses developed among community members as well as proposing materials and actions to be taken directly by the SIG.

Social impact

This WG has the task of assessing to what extent the activities and outputs of the CNSIG are aligned to the needs of the people served by the CNs, thus ensuring that they are sufficiently inclusive. The WG will liaise directy with the other WGs as a cross cutting WG adding interdisciplinary value. This WG will also share its findings and recommendations with the Council and the greater CN community.