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AlterMundi is an organization that fosters the rising of a new paradigm founded on freedom gained through peer collaboration. We explore different manifestations of these peer-to-peer alternatives and in particular we do a great deal of work in relation to Wireless Community Networks.

We have developed a WCN model based on low-cost, multi-radio mesh nodes running our LibreMesh firmware, which automatically configures the mesh network. Together with a number of organizations from around the world we are currently developing the LibreRouter, an open hardware project aimed at providing a reliable platform for community networks which is specificaly tailored to their needs.

Several network projects in South America and other regions have already adopted the tools we have developed.

AlterMundi is part of the APC network and it also took part in the creation of the Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (IGF). Our members are regular speakers in national and international technical and governance events.

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