logo is Non Profit Organization based in Athens, Greece. Its main goal is the nurturing of creative and active attitude of citizens towards citizens. The organization has the ambition and aspiration to provide better chances for social, economic and cultural development of underdeveloped areas. The organization’s goal is to provide a wide range of services in order to foster development for a sustainable living.

More specifically, the objectives of “ Non Profit Organization” include among others:

  • The installation, operation, use and development of public interest wireless broadband and of information and electronic communications infrastructure in the surrounding area of Sarantaporo village (Elassona Municipality, Greece) and their further connection to other communities with similar character.
  • Research activities related to scientific and technological issues in regard to the information society, its relevant technologies and overall rural sustainable development.
  • The protection and promotion of digital rights and freedoms.
  • The promotion of public access to information, knowledge and culture on equal basis, through information and communication technologies.
  • Contribution to the bridging of the existing digital divide on national and international level.
  • The promotion of wireless communication and use of open source software in collaboration with other communities, educational institutions and other organizations.
  • The raising of public awareness, sensitization and mobilization of society for the advancement of the information society under freedom and social justice.
  • The promotion and enhancement of sustainable development of the wider Sarantaporo area in harmony with the natural environment, for the optimization of the life quality.

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